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Imitation weapon legalities

The hire of imitation weapons has been specifically written into the firearms act of 1996 to exempt various types of productions from having to hire an armourer.  A firearm that is defined as an imitation and covered in the act is a weapon that has the appearance of a firearm and is less than 30 inches (~76.8cm) in length.  This covers all pistols and small sub machineguns; pictures of these can be found on the imitation firearms page.  In order to hire these weapons two simple forms must be filled out and emailed to us which can be found here.  The forms are only a guide but what is required is a letterhead from the production house, school, theatre, etc. with all of the relevant details.

These forms are to be submitted to the Victoria Police Firearms Registry as a matter of procedure for their appraisal and applicants may be contacted by the police.  Imitations over 30 inches are not covered in the act, however we ask that all people who wish to hire these weapons please fill out the forms as well and they too will be sent off to the Victoria police.

We also ask that all applicants please send off their letters ASAP.  For any more information on the hire of imitations please contact us directly.

For all legal questions regarding weapons please contact.