Warwick Firearms & Militaria

Armoury legalities

Whenever real weapons are required on set an armourer must be in attendance with those weapons.  There is no way around this and it must be adhered to at all times, not only for the law but also for safety.  If imitation firearms will do, an armourer is not required.  When an armourer is required on set with weapons then the Victoria police must be notified and forms must be filled out by the production office.  Please contact us for any armoury questions that you wish to have answered.  Below are the contact details for the Victoria Police Film and Television Office.

The Victoria Police Film and Television Office is responsible for all film/production interaction and logistical support for the Australian Film Industry and is the first/main contact when seeking assistance from the Victoria Police

For more information please contact:

Film & Television Office
Tel (03) 92473259 or (03) 92475599
Email: film.tv@police.vic.gov.au