Warwick Firearms & Militaria

Hire Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the standard hire period?

Our minimum hire period is 7 days for pick up in store. We allow 3  days delivery for postal hires.

Can I rent for longer than the standard hire period?

1 week, 2 weeks and 3 week hires available. Duration hire 3 months after 3 months an additional fee apply.

Can I rent a partial costume or change/add pieces to the hire?

All uniforms come complete from head to toe. Welcome to change the uniform for a specific look. We do not hire bits and pieces boots, hats, equipment vests etc..

What sizes do you require for uniform hire?

We require exact measurements: chest, waist, head and shoe. We do not accept S,M,L or XL

What information do you need from me to hire a uniform?

Exact measurements head, chest, waist and shoe prior to delivery or pick up. These measurements need to be emailed 2 days prior or an additional fee applies. We require copy of your production details, valid photo ID & current address.

How do I pay for my uniform hire?

We accept Credit Card, Direct Debit or cash. All hires must be paid before delivery or on pick up in store.

Shipping Options

We ship via TNT Road Express or Overnight Express options available Australia wide. Welcome to organize your own shipping.

How do I ship back my hire?

All uniforms and equipment must be laundered/disinfected before returning. Shipping you are welcome to organize your own or we can organize TNT for pick up. We recommend choosing a shipping method that offers a tracking number and/or insurance.

Can someone else pick up my hire for me?

Yes. Your spouse, friend, courier, runner etc. may pick up the hire The person picking up the hire will need to present a valid photo ID. For Weapon hire a hire sheet will need to be completed again with whoever is picking up.

 What is the replacement cost for a damaged or lost costume or piece?

The replacement cost varies greatly depending on the item. The hire sheet that will be provided will have the replacement value.

We expect all items to be returned as they were delivered/picked up or an additional fee will apply.

What happens if I am late in returning my hire?

As per the rental agreement, we have the right to charge additional fees for late returns. Please contact us if you are going to be late. If you are shipping, we understand there will be transit time. You are not charged late fees for that transit time.

Can I come in to try on my hire?

Yes you are welcome to try your uniform when collecting, prior an appointment is to be arranged.

Can I take a uniform for pre-production, show & tell etc?

Yes welcome to for show & tell purpose. Please email to make arrangements, the uniform must be returned next day.

What do you require to hire an Imitation Weapon?

All imitation weapons must fill out Warwick's weapon hire form and emailed prior to pick up. You must contact Victoria Police TV & Film to see if you need to fill out a PNF form. All email correspondence CC Warwick's. Weapons cannot leave the premises without notification from Victoria Police.