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Shelter halves


The back of the tent is shaped like an inverted V, while the front is open. The tent, shelter is made of 33-inch wide, 7.9-ounce khaki cotton duck material which has been treated with aluminum acetate, wax, and soap to make it water repellent. When complete, it comes in TWO sections which button together to make it into ONE two-man tent (one half is right side out, while the other is inside out, in order to make buttons & buttonholes match for fastening). Ridge height is 43 inches. The wooden pins (rounded) are 9 inch in length. The above design makes extensions possible, by using 4 shelter halves, in order to provide a tent for 4 men …

Elements of ONE Shelter Half:

5 X Pins, Tent, Shelter, Wood 
4 X Lines, Foot Stop, Tent, Shelter Half 
1 X Line, Guy, Tent, Shelter Half 
1 X Pole, Tent, Shelter 

Shelter halves

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