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Small Wall Tent

Small Wall Tent

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The Tent is 8 feet 10 inches wide, 9 feet 2 inches long, and 8 feet 6 inches high. The floor covers approximately 80 square feet. The Small Wall Tent is an A-type, square-ended tent, rectangular in shape. All elements, such as top, side walls and reinforcements are made of 12.29 ounce duck while the sod cloth is made of 9.85 ounce duck. The ridge height is 8 feet 6 inches, while the wall height is 3 feet 9 inches, giving a pitch of 4 feet 9 inches. Each end section has an overlapping slit forming a door, while stovepipe openings are provided at either end of the tent. Ventilation is done by rolling up the side walls, and opening slits. When not in use, stovepipe openings may be used as ventilators. 

Small Wall Tent elements:

18 X Lines, Tent, 2-Feet, 6-Inches, Sewed-Two-Ends, ¼-Inch Diameter (Door Fastener) 
2 X Lines, Tent, 2-Feet, 6-Inches, Sewed-Two-Ends, ¼-Inch Diameter (Door Wall Line)
10 X Lines, Tent, 8-Feet, w/Eye, ¼-Inch Diameter (Eave Line) 
18 X Lines, Tent, Foot Stop, ¼-Inch Diameter (Foot Stop) 
10 X Pins, Tent, 24-Inches
18 X Pins, Tent, 16-Inches 
4 X Lines, Tent, 4-Feet, 6-Inches, Sewed-Two-Ends, ¼-Inch Diameter (Lacing Line) 
10 X Slips, Tent, Wire 
2 X Poles, Tent, Upright, 9-Feet 
1 X Pole, Tent, Ridge, 9-Feet, Wall, Small 
2 X Lines, Tent, 3-Feet, 4-Inches, Sewed-One-End, ¼-Inch Diameter (Door Flap Line)