Warwicks have been in the film industry for many years now catering for a wide range of films.  Our armoury services are a small part of the business as a whole but requires the most amount of attention to detail, with regard to safety, professionalism, and punctuality.

We have a wide range of weapons for hire and for the larger films, where more weapons are required, we can ship large amounts in from overseas for the job at hand.

We do offer special rates to films wishing to hire both our uniforms and our services as armourers and we should be contacted to discuss this.  We also have the ability to mould copies of weapons for futuristic films.

With regard to interstate armoury jobs we refer all Sydney jobs to Paradox FX(Thin Red Line-Matrix) and Queensland jobs we do with Film Guns QLD.

VCA - Neighbourhood Botch 2004


For all legal questions regarding weapons please contact see the Notification of Police when using weapons page.